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Dying is a comic book movie site Thriving? June marked the start of one of the year’s most critically panned film. No, I’m not talking about a mediocre movie The Hangover Part II. I’m not talking about the brilliant X-Men: First Class. As much as it pains me to say it, Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern is the worst disaster since the comic movies like the Fantastic 4 to hit cinemas. And it was all going so well this year … I like movies where nothing happens Well, maybe I should have titles in the movies where there is not much going on … or … Films where some things happen, but not as you think, and it does not really get in the way of the film. I will not carp about Hollywood crap mill and a standardized, most movies. It’s like trying to teach a pig to dance. It is useless and just annoys the pig. It’s not like I’m “Cinema” fan, I just like what I like. I’m really not over think, and sometimes really liked it, which could be seen by others totally indigestible rubbish. Coming to a theater near you – movies that chimpanzees chimps Do not be the next Spielberg or Tarantino? Well, maybe they will not be able to compete with major directors, but we can quickly watch movies from chimpanzees. Free movie downloads for Internet has revolutionized the world in more ways than one. Beginning as a virtual inventory of all information, it progressed to provide other services like downloading free songs, music videos and movies. Julia Roberts Top 5 movies, but back in 1990, which included Julia Roberts, all that every woman in America wanted to be. She was sassy, ​​but in a subtle, beautiful and down to earth and fun yet calm. In fact, she is still on the scene, but it seems that other, younger actresses have taken over. It’s good for you, but because it means that all of her films shown classical channels scattered satellite TV. Check out the beautiful redheads in five films, before moving on to the rest of her great works. More >>

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